The New Danfoss

For the first time, one of the country’s largest enterprises has given an author unrestricted access to internal documents from its strategy process.

The reader gets unique insight into how a modern chief executive manages his enterprise. A book about Niels B. Christiansen’s strategy considerations, about his procedures and tools and what other leaders and enterprises can learn from Danfoss.

A mere two weeks before the financial crisis broke out in 2008, Niels B. Christiansen was appointed top executive of Danfoss with a staff of 23,000 employees. The crisis hit the enterprise hard, requiring the layoff of several thousands of employees. In spite of the crisis, Danfoss has succeeded in establishing a new, long-term strategy, which has attracted international attention, and Danfoss has since achieved more value creation than its competitors, such as the juggernauts German Siemens, American Emerson Electric and Swedish-Swizz ABB.

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