Morten Münster


Morten Münster (f. 1980) er rådgiver inden for ad-færdsdesign. Hans kunder tæller danske og inter-nationale organisationer som Danske Bank, NATO, Novo Nordisk, Adidas, Hyper Island, Novozymes, Leo Pharma, Trygfonden, KL, KMD, YouSee og en lang række interesseorganisationer og offentlige institutioner. Sammen med dem arbejder han på at omsætte teorien fra adfærdsdesign til praksis inden for felter som ledelse, strategi, kampagner, salg og markedsføring.
Han har grundlagt og driver Danmarks største blog om adfærdsdesign på og skriver fast for Børsen om ledelse og strategi.

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I'm Afraid Debbie from Marketing Has Left for the Day

With more than 50,000 copies sold in Denmark, this book has been on the bestseller list since its publication in 2017.
Barack Obama used a secret competitive advantage to win two elections. Companies such as Google, Amazon and Novo Nordisk use the same insight to stir up innovation, increase compliance, improve the work environment and sell more products. And successful management groups in the C20 index have started using it as their preferred strategy. But what kind of insight are we talking about here?

The answer is – behavioural design. Because people in the real world don’t actually behave like the people we build all our usual strategies for. We are opposing human biology and psychology when we insist that good arguments, burning platforms, classic change management, pamphlets, campaigns, and joint meetings are the way to go.

Obama, Google and all the rest have instead opted to use an evidence-based approach to change behaviour, and when you’ve read I’m Afraid Debbie From Marketing Has Left for the Day, you can adopt this approach as well. In his book, Morten Münster has converted 40 years of research in human behaviour into an easily accessible method composed of four steps – a helping hand to all managers and employees who are thirsting for alternatives to conventional means.