Cathy Hopkins

Cathy Hopkins

Cathy Hopkins har sendt Gyldendal dk denne selv-biografi:


  • Cathy by Cathy Hopkins
  • Name: Cathy Hopkins
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Lives in: Bath, England. Fab place. I feel like I’m on holiday whenever I go into town. It’s really beautiful here.
  • Lives with: husband Steve and 3 cats, Otis, Dixie and Georgia.
  • Grew up where? I was born in Manchester. Lived in Kenya between the age of five and twelve. Back to Manchester then went to London where I lived for thirty year then I moved to Bath in Somerset two years ago.
  • Books: 60 published so far.
  • When did you start writing? 1986
  • When did you start writing for teenagers? 2000. The last twelve years have been the best ever. I love writing for this age group.
  • How many series have you done for teenagers: 5. The Mates Dates series. Truth Dare series. Cinnamon Girl series. The Zodiac Girl series and the Million Dollar Mates series.
  • Latest series? Million Dollar Mates.
  • How many countries are the books published in? 34 which is a thrill. I love seeing the book covers from the different countries and also like chatting on facebook to my various readers in countries abroad.
  • Currently working on? Million Dollar Mates no 5: Super Star.
  • Next book out in the UK? Love at Second Sight – out in August. This one is a one off novel about a girl who is told by a clairvoyant that she must find her soul-mate who is a boy she knew in a previous life. I wanted to write something very romantic and this is an idea I have been wanting to write for a while so am very pleased it is getting published.
  • Where do you work? In my office at the top of the house. We live on a hill so I can see Bath down in the valley from the window.
  • Do you work every day? Yes. Mainly Monday to Friday but it often spills over into the weekend.
  • Favourite past-time: a long walk, lunch with friends, a seat in the sunshine with a good book.
  • Top writing tip: Never give up.
  • Best way to contact you? Through facebook these days.

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