Isak Dinesen: Rungstedlund – A Radio Address

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Danish author Karen Blixen – better known under her pen name Isak Dinesen – gave in 1958 a radio speech about her home – her childhood home – Rungstedlund. In order to ensure that the nightingale, among others, could always find a place to nest when it returned from its long migration to Africa she wanted to preserve the surrounding park as a bird sanctuary. She asked the radio listeners to each donate one Crown to make it economically possible to preserve and maintain the area, which today is run in accordance with her wishes.

The address is a literary evergreen on the importance of nature to human beings, in the past and in the future.

The Karen Blixen Museum, The Copenhagen Metro and Gyldendal Publishers have decided jointly to share Blixen’s ideas with the visitors from all over the world who are in Copenhagen for COP15 by re-publishing the radio address – in both English and Danish - and give it for free to passengers in the metro during the climate summit.

 You can download the English text as a free e-book here.

Læs den danske version her.

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